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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Aak Ek Ke Dui 2014 (Bengali ) Full Movie Download HD & Watch Online Free

Aak Ek Ke Dui 2014 (Bengali ) Full Movie Download HD & Watch Online Free

Aak Ek Ke Dui 2014 Full Movie New Delhi. After moving several political parties in the general election Culen BJP is facing defeat in the elections.. Learn the five key reasons why the BJP is falling in the polls.

BJP's Yogi, M, and spoiled the atmosphere by witness
But now the issues have become secondary. Centre after the BJP assumed power again appears to downplay their old issues. At least Yogi Adityanath, witness statements and acts of som chef and music so it is pointing. But Giriraj Singh and Amit Shah, the BJP vote bank statements turned away from the polls.

BJP, Congress went on its way
Not only subsequently in several other states including Bihar and Karnataka BJP sturdy setback in the elections.

Rejection of caste voting mistake
Modi and his team are still the same trends, but was seen as a direct effect of these polls in the race. Especially in the Bihar elections led to its special glimpse. Lalu to Nitish and BJP in Bihar Grand Alliance mathematics completely spoiled votes.

Aak Ek Ke Dui Overconfidence and the party got to trust the media
Confident after winning general elections, the BJP got to his confidence. BJP relying too much on the media made ​​a big mistake. The media also did not expect such results. Modi is still low ripple effect of the media do not see the situation has now changed significantly.

Not trail, do not the big leader on stage
BJP and BJP leaders in these elections as the biggest mistake he's not taken seriously. In general elections, the BJP had gripped the country in which he had been seen in these elections.

New Delhi. Pressure on his opponents party for the common man (you) have now adopted a new strategy.

According to a senior leader of the party, "people consistently told us that they did not want us because he is so angry that the government should go. People were quite happy with our work. In comparison, the Modi government, which is the big promise came into power, he has made ​​no move against corruption and price rise. "

Aak Ek Ke Dui According to sources, the party of the common man whom you made ​​a list of 14 issues during the reign conditions were better. Women's safety, unauthorized colonies, traffic, social justice, taxation, judicial reform, Jan Lokpal, law and order, power, health, inflation, education, and includes issues such as corruption.

You have a page on the website, which gives detailed information on all these issues. The details of these actions have been taken by the government.

According to a senior leader of the Kampan through posters and social media, we want to ensure the party's victory. He told the Delhi BJP at any cost not unethical ways the government will make. Now the only choice is the only way left.

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